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Hello Deviantart!

It's been long. Since my last Journal entry, much happened. For one, I went to Glee live and it was the best few days of my life. I saw Darren Criss and Chris Colfer, and because we had seats where you could view Backstage, we actually were the only ones seeing them before they got on stage and Chris was so super nice and Amber was amazing. Darren didn't get on stage on our side so we didn't have the chance to say hi to him, but saying hi to Chris freaking Colfer was super enough, thank you for being amazing Chris.

Anyway I remember talking about the new Bones in my last entry and look at what happened! Brennan is pregnant! WEEEEEEEE(I'm a plate? Comment if you get the reference because then you are awesome)

Anyway I met three of the most amazing people through Tumblr, all super nice Dutch Darren Criss fans :) One of them, Yonna, I am just really close to(And seeing next week for the third time :)) because she's amazing<3

I like- never post anything anymore bu my two Glee fanfics I noticedxD I enjoy writing Klaine on Hogwarts like too muchXD Anyway

Have a nice day! Byeee!
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So I've been writing ALOT lately, on my Blaine fanfic mainly, i love to do that~<3

I've kind of stopped going to school, seeing as though I'm going to something different next yea,r and just focused on working in stead, which is kinda nice because when I'm at Glee Tour i'm gonna buy as much merchandise as there is!!

Oh, yeah, I've decided to LIVE blog from Glee tour on the 28th of June, so follow my Tumblr: to have the live blogging(I'll remind right before I go with a SQUEEE journalXDD)

BONES is so gonna be awesome thursday, i so hope B&B get together, it would be just HNNN PERFECT.
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Journal Entry: Sat Apr 30, 2011, 3:16 AM
note me


I'm so excited, both to be going to Glee as to be going to London again. Hrmmm. Imagine this: I'm gonna see DARREN CRISS<33

I'm going to sleep at the entrance and ask for autographs of the actors:3 (Which I will ALL keep myself, except for Chris Colfers' because I already promised someone that one!) BUT OMG IT WOULD BE SO AWESOME IF I COULD ACTUALLY GET SOME AUTOGRAPHS, I HOPE SO!!

I'm gonna make a Shirt wiht "KLAINER" On it, of course!!

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Hi there ^^

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 3, 2011, 10:47 AM
Hi people, how are you?

I've been busy lately so I haven't been much on dA. But now I'm a little less busy.

so what to tell you guys.. Well I'm totally obsessed with Klaine.. (Hint: look at my dA page, it says enough) because klaine is awesomeness<3

And Just a few days till the Bones hiatus is over. I'm glad, it's way too long. Esp. With that elevator ep ;D

So I'm listening to Darren Criss because I'm sort of obsessed with his voice<3

And I'm boring because I have nothing to tell now. I'll think of it..xD

:thumb202229512: :thumb195676263: Love Chris Colfer by patronustamps Bones Stamp by isa-pinheiro Bones X Booth by jozie-m Glee Stamp by emmytonks HOUSE M.D. Stamp by Philosophical-Art Stamp - Hogwarts by MauserGirl Ctrl Z Stamp by Drake1 Hogwarts by Chaotic-Whispers Bones - Booth icon by gwengirl9107 Bad drawing by Diraira i love london stamp by DenaSetsuko :thumb81981631:   Writing is a talent. by PixieRiot Stamp: I Love Cookies by Raine-Rose Pikachu Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Cloud Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Friends stamp by Meddle689

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  • Reading: Harry Potter and the philosepher stone
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1. This survey gets a little personal; can you handle it?

2. If you married the last person you texted, what would your last name be?
The same, 'cause it was my momxD

3. Were you happy when you woke up today?
No, because the alarm woke me up. Then again my alarm is the Bones theme so somehow I was happy. But also, I needed to get up early which made me un-happy. But then like always I logged on at msn and Talked with Hannah which made me tiny happier 'cause that made me forget what time it was. But then a friend started talking about what I was doing online so early so I was not-happy 'cause I was reminded I wason so early.. *FRIENDS*

4. When were you on the phone last? And with who?
UH. With A friend because he was coming over.

5. What are you excited for?

6. What were you doing yesterday?
EHHHH. Watching Brokeback Mountain. Try that movie. it's LOVELY.

7. Honestly, who was the last person to tell you they love you?
Oooooh no *whispers something absolutely not understandable* Imma not gonna think about that.

8. What's the last thing you put in your mouth?
Pringle chips:3

9. Have a best friend?

10. Are you scared to fall in love?

11. Do you think teenagers can be in love?
Some, but not all because some need to get mature first.

12. Last person you wanted to punch in the face?
a friend who is not-so-friend anymore because he used me and hurt me.

13. What time is it right this second?
10.40 pm

14. What do you want right now?

15. Who was the last person you took a picture with?
EH. My sister.

16. Are you single/taken/heartbroken/or confused?
Single/taken.heartbroken/confused none of them.

17. When was the last time you cried?
I think like 4 months ago.

18. Do you have a good relationship with your parents?
Yes, usually they are great people, if they don't get al parenty-much.

19. Do you find it hard to trust others?
Well maybe. Some. Guys, I do not trust. Like ever. Only gay guys. Because somehow I think guys who would ever talk to me but gay guys just want to have sex because that's all guys think about. I think. Well. I dunno. Is that bad of me to think that?~I have only one straight guy friend.

20. How fast does your mind change?
fast, believe mexD

21. I bet you miss somebody right now.
YEAH. more.

22. Can you honestly say you're okay right now?

23. Why do you think so many people cheat?
Because they don't love the person they cheat on. If you love a person enough, you won't cheat. deal with it. You'd never hurt the person.  

24. Tell me what's on your mind?
KLAINE! and school.

25. What are you looking forward to in the next three months?
Eh.. do I have to look forward to something?

26. Have you ever worn the opposite sex's clothing?
of course, guys clothes rock.

27. When did you last talk to your number 1 top friend

28. When is your next road trip?
Road trip? seriously? I'm not in America..

29. Do you have someone of the opposite sex you can tell anything to?
Yeah I do because he understandss those things. One of the few guys I trust too!

30. How's your heart?
It's pumping blood through my veins I suppose

31. Have you ever felt like you weren't important?

32. Do you think somebody's in love with you?
Yeah. Sadly. I wish he didn't, would make things much less annoying too.

33. What are you planning on doing after this?

34. Next time you will kiss someone?

35. Have you told anybody you loved them today?
UhxD except for 'ily' on msn. no.

36. Who do you not get along with?
people. people who think they're good.

37. What does you 3rd recent text say?
'hey U wanna hang out on staurday?'

38. What are you wearing right now?
jeans and shirt

39. You're locked in a room with the person you last kissed, how is it?
I'd probably scream at him because I'm so mad.

40. When's the last time you had a grilled cheese?

41. What's your favorite boy and girl name right now?
Erin and Ryan. (Ryan is my all-time favexD)

42. How did you feel when you woke up?

43. Do you wish someone would call or text you right now?
Eh. Yeah, maybe? I dunno. If they're bored or have something on there mind..

44. Do you crack your knuckles?

45. What were you doing yesterday at midnight?
Uh. Watching Bones.

46. What are your LEGAL initials?

47. Who's the first B in your contacts?

48. When was the last time you laughed really hard?
This afternoon.

49. Your number 1 top friend walks out of your life, do you go after them?
Yeah. And I'd ask what I did wrong so we can fix it together.

50. Explain your last awkward moment?
you don't wanna know.

51. Are you afraid of the dark?

52. Do you have good vision?
not in the dark I don't but otherwise it;s just fine

53. Have you ever tripped someone?

54. Have you ever slapped someone?

55. Are you Irish?

56. Do you use chap stick?

57. Do you have any scars?

58. Is there someone you will never forgive?

59. Are you dating the person you last held hands with?
No, because it would be weird to date my best friendXD

60. Name the last person to text you?

61. Would you marry someone 8 years older than you?
well.. depends on the love involved?

62. Can you go in public looking like you do?

63. Have you ever kissed someone whose name started with a A?

64. What side of the bed do you sleep on?
the side with the blanket. What kind of ridiculous question is this?xD My bed has only one side, so I sleep there.

65. What's the first thing you'll do on your wedding day?
wake up I suppooose

66. Do you fall for people easily?
No, screw people.

67. Has anyone put their arms around you in the past 5 days?

68. Do you miss the way things used to be?

69. Song you're thinking of right now?

70. Want someone back in your life?

71. Will tomorrow be better than today?
absolutely not

72. What's the color of the shirt you are wearing?

73. Who was the first friend that you had?

74. Does it bother you when someone lies to you?
of course

75. Is there anyone who understands your relationship status?

76. Are you a naturally happy person? Or is your happiness forced?
I am usually happy, laughing, I laugh cares away because that´s a way to not care. I try make other people feel better if I can. I try to feel good as much as I can. I hate feeling bad so why would I

77. Is there anyone you wish would fall in love with you?

78. What do you wear when you sleep?

79. Are you obsessed with something right now?
No..? xD Ok Lying here.

80. The first person you loved is?
My mom and dad :3

81. Something terrible happend with you?

82. You are locked up with someone you love, what happens?
Depends on. If it's my mom we'll talk. If it's more the 'in love' kind of thing, well depends on how far we stand doesn't it?

83. If you could wish something, what would it be?
That Ic ould fly. To like Australia or something. With wings. beautiful feather wings (:

84. Ever forced someone to do something?

85. When you are alone, what do you think about?

86. How was your first kiss?

87. What's your favorite music genre?
nice music.

88. Are you going to tag people to do this?
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1. Tell you something I'll learn about you by looking at your dA page for 13 seconds.
2. Tell you which colour you remind me of.
3. Tell you my first memory of you.
4. Tell you what Pokémon you remind me of.
5. Ask you something I've always wondered about you, and your answer has to be as vague as possible to keep the suspense.
6. Tell you my favorite thing about you.
7. Give you a weird nickname.
8. Tell you what's on my shirt right now.
9. Challenge you to post this on your journal.
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  • Watching: Bones- 3x01
  • Drinking: Apple/cinnamon tea
Harry Potter.
[ ] Your hair is dark and can be messy.
[ ] You wear glasses.
[ ] You have a weird looking scar.
[ ] You are brave.
[ ] You have green eyes.
[ ] You like playing a particular sport.
Total = 0
Ron Weasley
[x] You have red hair.
[x] You are very loyal to your friends.   Despite
[x] You are deathly afraid of spiders.
[ ] You are sarcastic.
[x] You don't have a lot of money.
[x] You have older sibling(s).
Total = 5
Hermione Granger.
[x] You are bossy.
[ ] You are intelligent.
[x] Your hair is wavy or curly.
[ ] You have a cat.
[ ] You usually know how to handle tricky situations.
[ ] You get made fun of a lot.
Total = 2
Rubeus Hagrid.
[ ] You are tall.
[ ] You are very friendly and soft hearted.
[x] You love animals.
[ ] You are very helpful.
[x] You give in easily.
[x] You are very loyal.
Total = 3
Luna Lovegood.
[x] You are weird and proud of it.
[ ] You don't have loads of friends.
[ ] You have blonde hair.
[x] You are open minded.
[ ] You are quite spiritual.
[x] You believe in things most people wouldn't.
Total = 3
Draco Malfoy.
[x] You are manipulative.
[ ] You can be very mean when you want to be.
[ ] You are a snob.
[x] You can get jealous.
[ ] You have blonde hair.
[ ] You enjoy pranks.
Total = 2
Neville Longbottom.
[ ] You are close to your grandparents.
[ ] You are easily frightened.
[ ] You get nervous easily.
[ ] You like frogs and toads.
[ ] You are geeky.
Total = 0

I'm Ron. Yay ;D
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  • Watching: Bones- 2x06
  • Drinking: Apple/cinnamon tea
Happy new year everybody!

That's kinda all I have to say :3

Tell me your new year wishes! :D
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  • Reading: De zesde mei - Thomas Ross
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  • Playing: Dance on broadway - wii
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How are you guys? I've been way too busy with school for how I like it. But. Tomorrow is my last schoolday, and then I'll be off school. Chirstmas holidays. YAY.

So, what I've been doing. Well I've been RP'ing ALOT. And doing homework. ALOT. And sleeping, alotxD And nothing else interesting.

Something in my life is changing, I can feel it. I dunno if I like it, but I've been ignoring the truth for way too long so I'm just waiting what happens..


En WIE IS DE MOL? begint weer! 6 Januari. Ik wil dat Horace Cohen de mol is. En de rest maakt me niet uit :) Maar ik weet het niet! Ik ken enkele van naam, maar verder niet. Toch verheug ik me er BIG time op:3

Titel is trouwens uit t liedje dat ik luister:P
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Heyhey, Long time no see!

Yes. Well I've been busy BIG TIME lately. I've been so busy with my exams and asignments from school, I don't really have tim efor dA/BonesRPG or anything else on the internet as much as I used too!

On top of that, I've been doing NaNoWriMo, but am failing completely, seeing as I am now behind more than 10K. My story wasn't finished, and writing while having tests and stuff to do at school and from school is just not good for my writing! Well, It's sad I failed NaNo but not a problem, mailny I did it this year to start writing again and I have, And I wil continue. HopefullyxD

As for now, I'm actually NOT doing my homework, which I should be doing.


I'm really looking forward to see the Brennan Point of view episode, which is going to be AMAZING AWESOME EPIC and THE BEST episode EVER. I think. I hope. And even though Booth's acting like a total JERK nowadays, I still like him to be with Brennan. So please, get together with Brennan, like- now? maybe?
The new season is actually pretty nice(Don't hit me Bones fans who hate s6!)

Sorry BonesRPG people I left you guys alone, I'll be behaving better from this week. Tomorrow, since I have to do this asignment for school tonightxD
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Cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno't mtaetr in waht oerdr the ltteres in a wrod are, the olny iproamtnt tihng is taht the frsit and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it whotuit a pboerlm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Azanmig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt!if you can raed tihs rpsoet it. OLNY PUT THIS ON YOUR PRILOFE IF YOU CAN RAED TIHS. CNAHGE THE NMUERBR AT TOP TGOHUH, "ONLY __ PEOPLE ON DA CAN READ THIS...CAN YOU?" Go up a nmuber if you can raed it...lte's see how hgih we can get!

(Got it from :icontwilightkitty94:)
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I again stole some meme thing from Tempe :3

ONE - Spell your name without vowels: lln
TWO - Which of your online friends do you talk to the most?: Online friends.. I think Fenno.
THREE - Whats your favorite number?: 13
FOUR - What color do you wear most?: Green
FIVE - Least favorite color?: pink!
SIX - Favorite candy?: Winegums :3
SEVEN - What do you smoke?: I don't. It's ewxD
EIGHT - Are you happy with your life right now?: I think so, yes(:
NINE - Anyone ever said you resemble a celebrity?: No.
TEN - What is your favorite class in school?: Uhmmm.. News.
ELEVEN - Do you shop at hollister/DC/Bluenotes?: Probably noy as I never heard of them before.
TWELVE - How do you make money?: I have no job atm ):
THIRTEEN - Who is your best friend?: Uhm.. I have more:P
FOURTEEN - Where do you go to school?: Netherlands, School of media. ^_^
FIFTEEN - Are you outgoing?: Yes:P
SIXTEEN - One word to describe you?: Talkingmuch
SEVENTEEN - Favorite pair of shoes?: My green Converse one stars from Roma.
EIGHTEEN - Do you own big sunglasses?: Yes. I never wear them. They're ugly:P I have nice pilot sunglasses though ^_^
NINETEEN - Where do you wish you were right now?: Some place I should've been but I couldn't be. Uhm. Complicated:P
TWENTY - What should you be doing right now?: Homework, probably. And post in the Bones RPG. (Sorry Tempe, I'm gonna:P)
TWENTY ONE - Do you have a crush on anyone right now?: Uh.. No I don't think so.. I hope..xD

Honestly, what's on your mind right now?: BONES
Honestly, what are you doing right now?: I'm cursing the new chosen government. Stupid PVV. T_T
Honestly, have you done something bad today?: Yes, I ate too much :3
Honestly, do you watch disney channel?: No. I hate it:P
Honestly, who is the last person you talked to on the phone?: My mumxD
Honestly, are you jealous of someone right now?: Yes.xD
Honestly, what makes you mad most of the time?: Dunno..xD
Honestly, do you want to see someone this very moment?: Yes. >.<
Honestly, are you keeping a big secret right now?: No BIG one:P

Can you blow a bubble?: Yes=D Finally!XD
Can you dance?: Yeah but not goodxD I normally just jump up and down:P
Can you tie a cherry stem with your mouth?: WHY would I want to do that?XD
Can you whistle?: Yes. Sometimes:P
Can you wiggle your ears?: No!XD
Can you wiggle your nose?: No..
Can you roll your tongue?: No
Can you make a clover with your tongue?: Nah.

What do you do when you're mad?: Scream/cry/punch things
What's the worst thing you've done when you were mad?: Punched things. Probably broke something:P
Ever made anyone cry when you were mad?: Yes. SorryxD

Ever really cried your heart out?: Yes.
Ever cried yourself to sleep?: er- Yeah
Ever cried on your friend's shoulder?: Yes. Thnx to the friends. Two of them. Wish I hadn't:P
Ever cried over the opposite sex?: Yes
Ever cried over the same sex?: Yes
Do you cry when you get an injury?: No
Do certain songs make you cry?: Our farewell - Within Temptation
Do certain movies make you cry?: YesxD Romeo+Juliet, Titanic

Are you usually a happy person?: Yes. I smile a lot (:
What makes you the happiest?: Being happyxD
Does being with your friends make you happy?: Yh ^_^
Do you believe in yourself?: usually
Do you wish you were happier?: Yes. Even though I'm pretty happy there's this one.. ok two.. no three things which would make me happier right now.
Can music make you happy?: If it's not a depressing song, yes. Well.

How many times have you had your heart broken?: one and a half?:P More one than two, really.
Have you ever loved someone so much that you'd die for them?: Yes.
Has anyone besides your friends and family ever said 'I love you'?: Yes.

Is your self-esteem extremely low?: It's ok
Do you think you're good looking?: Not really:P Though I do like my hair
Do you wish you could be someone else?: Someone thinner. But otherwise I'm pretty OK with myself.

What is your current hair color?: Red.
Current piercings?: None, Though Í used to have earrings. Not anymore.
Have any tattoos?: No
Straight hair or curly?: Curly-ish

What shirt are you wearing?: I<3London sweater(Green) Got it in camden Town/London
Necklace(s)?: The one me and a friend got in the London Zoo
Shoes?: None. Bare feet FTW

Hugged someone?: of course I have!XD
Been on the phone until the sun came up?: No, should'nt I be asleep?:P
Laughed so hard you peed in your pants?: Probably, when I was younger, I guessxD
Laughed so hard you cried?: Yep
Got in a fight with someone?: No. Well not physically. I do not fight. Physically.

Person you talked to in person?: Uhm. My mumxD Or my dad..xD
Person you talked to online?: Fenno
Person you hugged?: My mum. xD But before that.. Jasper.. Or Astrid. I dunno which one was first. Normally I hug people on a daily base but because i just started at my new school.. who hugs people they don't really know?

Do you like surveys?: Yeah
Do you get along with your parents?: Yes^_^
Do you have mental breakdowns?: I have had some.

Current mood: TiredXD
Current music: Yiruma
Current hair style: Uh.. sort of.. scene-curl-ish?
Current windows open: "CDA-VVD-PVV is rond"
Current desktop picture: David Boreanaz

Did you ever get into a fist fight in school?: No.
Did you ever run away from home?: No
Did you ever want to be a doctor?: Yes.
Did you ever want to be a fire fighter?: ..Not REALLY.

Do you know how to swim?: Yes. I love swimming. It's nice. I love it. Aaah<33
Do you like roller coasters?: YES<3
Do you own a bike?: Yeah
Do you think you could handle the stuff they eat on those reality shows?: What do they eat? I don't watch them:P

Have you ever been on a plane?: Yeah three times
Have you ever been to the ocean?: Yeah
Have you ever painted your nails?: Yes

How tall are you?: 158CM
How much money do you have on you right now?: €3,-

Last person you hung out with?: Does at school count?
Last thing someone said to you irl?: Something L related XD
Last thing you said out loud?: Dunno XD

What are you listening to?: Yiruma
What is the weather outside?: Cold rainy almost dark
What radio station do you listen to?: 538, Q
What was the last restaurant you ate at?: Dunno
What was the last thing you had to drink?: Water
What was the last movie you watched?: My life
  • Listening to: Yiruma

Long time no see:3 Anyway.

So I've started my new school again. Journalism in Zwolle and I moved into a studentshouse. So I'm on my own. I missed the introduction so I don't know ANYONE at school and it's kinda annoying and I feel a little bit lonely but.. well I'll fix it up!

ANYWAY! There's just something AMAZING. Seeing that I study Journalism I need to write lots of stuff and one of those things is an essay for Cultural class and It's gonna be about some aspects of how people look at God and stuff. And I've been pointed out to interview a scientist, a real anthropologist! I'm gonna actually interview a real anthropologist! I'm so excited to find out some things about it! SO EXCITED!:la::w00t:

Ok so I'm a little closer *literally* to a good friend of mine again and it feels good. AND I just dyed my hair RED:D Wel orange-reddish. But I like it :3 I'm gonna thing of some sort of way to make a nice artish picture and post it here!(:
  • Listening to: Because of you
  • Reading: 206 Bones - kathy reichs
  • Watching: Lost s4
Again got it from :icontwilightkitty94: ag:P

- Available: Depends on where forxD But in the way it's meant here: yeahxD
- Age: 17 years and 8 months :3
- Annoyance: right now? That it's getting dark early. And somebody who ISN'T answering on msn and I WANT him to!
- Allergic: Some trees, apples, some nuts :3
- Animal: Wolfs/dogs/cats/birds
- Actor: Emily Deschanel
- Beer: Ew. Maybe rosebeer? Dunno if that's how it's called in English..
- Birthday/Birthplace: 18th january.
- Best Friend: I have lots:P
- Body Part on opposite sex: Eyesss
- Best Feeling?: Happyness :3
- Blind or Deaf: NeitherxD
- Best weather: Stormy, because that's very beautiful to watch. But if I'm outside: nice and warm:3
- Been in Love: er- yes.
- Been bitched out?: d'oh everyone has, right?
- Been on stage?: YES! And it was awesome:3
- Believe in yourself?: What should I do If I didn't believe in myself?:O
- Believe in life on other planets: Ehm.... dunno..xD
- Believe in miracles: Yes, somehow..
- Believe in Magic: OFCOURSE!! Hogwarts excist, it's just us muggles who are unaware!!!
- Believe in God: tumtum. I do not think I can answer that yet, seeing that I'm still very young, but I don't believe in a god who is 'watching over us' and 'making things happen'
- Believe in Satan: No.
- Believe in Santa: YESSS!!! SANTAAA!!! (No just kidding..XD)
- Believe in ghosts/spirits: I'm scared of them. I think then I believe:P
- Believe in Evolution: Yes. I do. It's true. Real. Proven.

- Clothing Style: My own. Little of this, little of that, just enjoy:P
- Car: One without a rooooof:3
- Candy: Jelly belly beans:P
- Color: Red.
- Cried in school: ..Yes, unfortunatly, friends saw me do it. Sorry for that. You'll probably remember it when I'm talking to you. It was stupid D:
- Chocolate/Vanilla: Chocolate for sure
- Chinese/Mexican food: Neither
- Cake or pie: cake of course!!
- Countries to visit: Japan, America, England, Australia,Greece,South-Africa..
- Day or Night: Day, in the night I sleep:3
- Dream vehicle: Motorbike!!
- Danced: sure:3 When I'm alone.
- Dance in the rain?: Certainly
- Dance in the middle of the street?: Yes. They looked at me like I was crazy:3 I was:D
- Do the splits?: When I was veryveryvery little, sorta, not really but sorta.. y'know?XD

- Eggs: What about them?!
- Eyes: Brown
- Ever failed a class?: Uh. YesxD

- First crush: *Cough*Sander*cough* Screw you guy, screw you:3
- Full name: uh..EllenxD
- First thoughts waking up: I'm tired *sleeps again*

- Greatest Fear: dying? Really I'm.. really! D:
- Giver or taker: Both
- Gum: I actually hate gum!
- Get along with your parents?: yeah pretty okay!

- Hair Color: Red:D
- Height: like- 158cm
- Happy: yess:P
- Holidays: Italy! America! England! London! wait that's England..
- How do you want to die: peacefully? or just, skip that part:P
- Health freak?: NoxD

- Ice Cream: Watermelon/melon/snickers:P
- Instrument: Piano!:D

- Jewelry: I always forget to put them onxD

- Kids: what, with 17?:P
- Kickboxing or karate: Karate!

- Longest Car Ride: To Rome I think? From Holland:3
- Letter: S or E
- Laughed so hard you cried: yes. And it hurt my stomach:3
- Love at first sight: Must believe in it right? But yeah I do. It sucks:#
- Love: Is really cruel sometimes. But yeah that's how it is. And sometimes it's better to skip it. or wait. or just don't believe in it.

- Milk flavor: er- Milky?
- Movie: Titanic:3 and music&lycrics
- Mooned anyone?: No.
- Marriage: Er- I dont know. If I. actually. Believe in that?
- Motion sickness?: YeOooh yeahxD
- McD's or BK: McD's, after that BK at peckam rye :3

- Number of Siblings: 2
- Number of Piercing: 0
- Number: 13 :3

- One wish: TO BE A WRITER!!
- One phobia: Ehm.. don't have nay I think:P

- Place you'd like to live: England/ or America(LA?XD)
- Pepsi/Coke: I REALLY don't like both. get sick of it almost :3

- Quail: dunno
- Questionnaires: well..?

- Reason to cry: When you feel very BAD, or are VERY happy. Or when you're cutting onions..xD
- Roll your tongue in a circle?: NoXD

- Song: Forgiven - Within temptation, or All I need is nice too
- Shoe size: 38/4,5
- Sushi: sounds very ewxD
- Skipped school: uh, once.
- Slept outside: no thanksxD
- Seen a dead body?: No and wanna keep it that way!
- Smoked?: NO! It stinks! And it's ew:P
- Shower daily?: Yes
- Sing well?: No but I sing alot anyways
- Swear?: sometimesxD
- Stuffed Animals?: :)
- Single/Group dates: hmmm hard one
- Strawberries/Blueberries: blueberry
- Scientists need to invent: a way to cure AIDS and cancer entirely, and all those other deadly uncureable things. Oh and flying cars:3

- Time for bed: whenever I feel tired:P
- Thunderstorms: LOVEEEE them:D
- Touch your tongue to your nose?: I'd feel very stupid :3

- Unpredictable: maybe?
- Under the influence?: nopie
- Understanding?: who is it I'm talking to exactly?:P
- Vegetable you hate: any mushroom things
- Vegetable you love: carrots
- Vacation spot: Italy/Rome England/London
- Vampire or Werewolf?: worthy Vampire :3
- Weakness: ..LovexD
- When you grow up: Writeeeer
- Who makes you laugh the most: Friends of course. Oh and Booth sometimes:3
- Worst feeling: sadness D: And when you eat something you're alergic toXD
- Wanted to be a model?: no thank you very much
- Where do we go when we die: To our next live I hope:3
- Worst weather: TOO hotxD
- Walk with a book on your head?: It keeps falling off D:
- Which one of your friends acts the most like you: IIIIIIIIII have no ideaxD

- X-Rays: they are funny:P

-Year it is now: 2010
-Yellow: ALIEN!

- Zoo animal: SHARKS
- Zodiac sign: er?XD
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Hi ya all!

Yay I just got 5.000 pageviews! It went very fast this week, because I got about 200 pageviews between the 17th and the 18th of august, and that was nice:3

Well anyway, Thank you all!(:

(Just 5 months ago, I only had 2.000 pageviews, so I'm quite happy^^)
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Dear peeps of dA! =):D

Tomorrow morning I'm gonna go to London(Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!:la::w00t:) and I won't be online for 6 days. Just wanted to tell you because I always reply fast on stuff and now it'll take a while :3 But after I come back I'm gonna finish "Bones: The reunion part 3" and I'm gonna post my new story(Which is not Bones, it's called; "Moon and the weeping willow" And it'll be a sort of children's tale. It sounds weird but I suck at titlesxD)

I'm already worried about how much I'll miss at Twitter concerning Bones season 6(I at the least expect a third promo with new footage from ep1!XD) and the BonesRPG. Sort of worriedXD Anyway..

Have a good week All! see ya! =)
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It's been a long time since I posted a real journal I think! So I'm doing that now.

I'm very busy lately. I have to arrange things for school, fill in forms and stuff so I can actually go to that school after the holiday. It's very important and very difficult because you need to do everything right on the right date and stuffxD And then I got a.. Dunno if I translate it correct, but i got a room in a studenthouse. In Zwolle so I'm moving there.Actually we are first going to go there today! And then there's work because they say living on your own costs moneyxD.

Okay So Thursday I got a new mobile phone. I went from a LGvieuwty(Which broke after a few months) to my fathers SamsungOmnia(Which sucked VERY much) too Blackberry Bold which is awesome and I don't ever want another phone as Blackberry<3

So I'm currently busy on the internet tooxD Mainly at Twitter and the BonesRPG, which are two things I really love to do so I'm NOT dropping them, though you could say 'If you're to busy drom them' I'm not doing that cause they are dear to me:P

soo what to tell more.. O, yeah, Í'm Gonna go to LONDON in 4 days with Aniek and I can't wait though it's a little scary because we are all alone in a big city like that!:noes: But it's gonna be awesomesauce!!:D

Oh And BONES people: I'm making a vid about B&B with a song. Listin to it it's VERY nice it's VERY Brennan/Booth I KNOW! *Looks up link* I'm gonna give you the lycricsXD…

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Stole it from :icontwilightkitty94: :3

[x] You have a short temper
[x] You often act on your emotions without thinking first.
[x] You are very competitive.
[x] You like to play with fire.
[ ] You are not a strong swimmer or you can't swim at all.
[x] You prefer warm weather over cold weather.
[ ] You often lose control over yourself
[x] You can be quite reckless.
[x] You sometimes hurt people without realizing it.
[ ] People have often called you insane.
Fire Total: 7

[ ] You have a calm, laid-back personality.
[x] You like to go to the beach
[ ] You rarely get angry.
[ ] When you do get angry, you know how to control it.
[ ] You think before you act.
[x] You are good at breaking up fights.
[x] You are a great swimmer.
[ ] You like the rain.
[x] You can stay calm in stressful situations.
[ ] You are very generous.
Water Total: 4

[ ] You are physically strong.
[x] You have a close connection with nature.
[ ] You don't mind getting dirty.
[x] You form strong opinions on issues that concern you.
[ ] You could easily survive in the wild
[x] You care about the environment.
[x] You can easily focus on your work without getting distracted.
[x] You rarely get depressed.
[ ] You aren't afraid of anything.
[ ] You prefer to have a strict set of rules.
Earth Total: 5

[x] You have a free spirit.
[ ] You hate rules.
[x] You prefer to be out in the open rather than in small, enclosed spaces.
[X] You are independent.
[x] You are quite intelligent.
[ ] You tend to be impatient.
[ ] You are easily distracted.
[x] You can sometimes be hyperactive and/or annoying.
[x] You wish you could fly.
Air Total: 6

[ ] You spend most of your time alone.
[ ] You prefer nighttime over daytime.
[ ] You like creepy things.
[x] You like to play tricks on people.
[x] Black is your favorite color
[x] You prefer the villains over the heroes
[ ] You don't talk much.
[ ] You are an atheist.
[x] You don't mind watching scary movies.
[ ] You love to break the rules.
Darkness Total: 4

[X] You are very polite.
[ ] You are spiritual.
[x] When someone is in trouble, you never hesitate to help them.
[ ] You believe everything you see or hear.
[x] You are afraid of the dark.
[x] You hate violence.
[x] You hope for world peace
[ ] Everyone loves to be around you.
[x] You always follow the rules.
[x] You laugh/smile a lot
Light Total: 7

FIRE/LIGHT it fits..:P
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Hi people ^^

Okay please help me outXD I'm having a party from my friend :iconjustmyselff: and it's a themeparty and I'm going as Brennan... So WHERE do I get a LABCOAT? Please help!xD
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Hiya guys!

Okay I'm soooo bored so I was wondering if anyone had an idea for me to write about
Bones/or ANYTHING they want to see made in Photoshop. Like icons/wallpapers/blends/banner/anything you want. It can be everything as long it's Bones (OK House is allowd too:P) But I just need something to dooo!XD Please?! xD
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