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Your wings on the way down Ch. 1
A body goes limp suddenly, knees giving in under the weight of the collapsing body, eyes widened in shock and surprise. His body touches the ground with an unmistakable force. A soft orange glow coming from the fire near illuminates the body; the fire inside the grave is the only source of light in the dark night. A soft breath is breathed out. Then-
“DEAN!” the voice of Sam Winchester screams in complete agony. The man drops near the limp body, voice thick with panic. He knows that voice. He certainly knows that name. Sam heaves his brother up in his arms, shaking him violently but all that movement does is shaking Dean’s head loosely because his neck has no strength in it left. Surely enough, though Sam Winchester must’ve only heard a soft rustle of wings, He can see an angel appearing next to him.
“Cas?” Sam says out of breath. His brows are knitted together in the concentration of holding his brother in his arms. He holds two fingers to Dean
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On your way to believing ch. 2 :iconxsavannahxx:xSavannahxx 6 4
I usually.. just write Klaine



Artist | Student | Literature
Name: Ellen
Age: 21


Nothing happens unless first a dream!
Hello Deviantart!

It's been long. Since my last Journal entry, much happened. For one, I went to Glee live and it was the best few days of my life. I saw Darren Criss and Chris Colfer, and because we had seats where you could view Backstage, we actually were the only ones seeing them before they got on stage and Chris was so super nice and Amber was amazing. Darren didn't get on stage on our side so we didn't have the chance to say hi to him, but saying hi to Chris freaking Colfer was super enough, thank you for being amazing Chris.

Anyway I remember talking about the new Bones in my last entry and look at what happened! Brennan is pregnant! WEEEEEEEE(I'm a plate? Comment if you get the reference because then you are awesome)

Anyway I met three of the most amazing people through Tumblr, all super nice Dutch Darren Criss fans :) One of them, Yonna, I am just really close to(And seeing next week for the third time :)) because she's amazing<3

I like- never post anything anymore bu my two Glee fanfics I noticedxD I enjoy writing Klaine on Hogwarts like too muchXD Anyway

Have a nice day! Byeee!
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